5 Razor Cut Short Hairstyles to Try This Summer – BHRT (2023)

Gone are the days of long hair. Short, razor cuts are ruling the fashion scene now. This shorty short yet impactful haircut adds a lot of depth and dimension to your overall outlook.

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And that’s why Khloe is super excited to get this haircut in her hair for the summer months. However, as the razor cut features extremely short hair strands, she is worried about what type of hairstyle she can sport in her freshly cut manes. Or does she have to flaunt the same style again and again?

To Khloe’s and other girls’ great relief, there are more than a few razor cut short hairstyles to try for versatile outlooks. Let’s discuss these hairdos in detail so that you can sport them effortlessly in your manes and be the star of the crowd.

Slicked Down Short Razor – Short Razor Cut Hairstyles for Black Hair

There is no denying that the razor cut is super versatile. And if you want to sport a muted yet impactful hairdo in your black, natural hair, then it’s high time you try out the super stylish slicked down hairstyle in your razored manes. This amazing hairdo is just the right one for black tresses because it tames down the unruly black hairs perfectly while giving them a very sleek and shiny appearance.

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Your black razored manes will never look out of place with this understated yet sophisticated hairdo.

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To sport the slicked-down hairstyle, start with freshly washed manes. A clean scalp and hairs make the look more appealing to the onlookers.

Then, comb your clean, dried hair strands precisely so that there are no knots and tangles left in them. This step is important because black tresses are extremely prone to knots and coils up easily.

After that, apply a liberal amount of lightweight hair oil [we prefer this Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil] all over your unruly tresses to make sure that they are not only tamed but also have an extra bit of shine and gloss in them.

Immediately after putting on the glossy oil, comb all the hairs intricately to give them a super sleek and sexy outlook. You can either backcomb the tresses or choose a part to customize the style a bit.

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5 Razor Cut Short Hairstyles to Try This Summer – BHRT (4)
5 Razor Cut Short Hairstyles to Try This Summer – BHRT (5)
5 Razor Cut Short Hairstyles to Try This Summer – BHRT (6)

Razor Cut Braids – Short Razor Cut Weave Hairstyles

Going out for a date night? Don’t know how to style your short razor cut hairs? Well, the razor cut braid is always your savior. This flirty yet comfortable hairstyle adds a romantic vibe to your overall look without being “over the top”.

To create this amazing weave hairstyle in your short razor cut manes, begin the styling process by applying a bit of texturizing spray all over the tresses. A texturizing spray, like this Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, would add incredible texture and grip to the hair strands and help to hold the braid in place for hours to come.

Once you are done with building texture in your manes, start constructing the braid at the front of the head [just above the forehead]. Make the plait from the right side of the head and bring it down to the left side so that it looks like a “weaved” band on your hair. Secure it with a few bobby pins and finish off with a spritz of setting spray [we prefer the TRESemmé Hair Finishing Spray]just to make sure that the braid stays put in place.

If a few strands come off of the braid [because of the short length], don’t worry. They will provide a very “effortless” vibe to the whole look.

Flipped-Out Ends – Razor Cut Short Bob Hairstyle

When you sport a razor cut with a short bob, then don’t shy away to flaunt the “flipped-out ends” hairstyle in your manes. This subtle yet sexy hairdo can elevate your look great and help you to stand in any crowd impactfully.

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If you want to rock this style in your bob manes, remember to start with dry hair. It is important because heat styling tools don’t burn dry hair as easily as they do with wet tresses.

Before creating the flips in your hair strands, remember to comb them so that there are no knots left in the hair. Then apply a bit of heat protectant spray all over the manes to protect them against the high heat that you are going to apply [you can try the Moroccanoil Perfect Defense Spray].

When you are done preparing the tresses, using a half-inch flat iron [such as this Bed Head Pixie 1/2″ Straightener] straighten the strands to give them a sleek, straighter look.

No, we are not done here. After you straighten the manes, take a narrow barrel curling iron [like the Hoson 3/4 Inch Ceramic Tourmaline Curling Iron] and flip the ends of the hair strands a little so that they are twisted outside perfectly. After you are done, discover the most gorgeous flipped-out hairdo in your short razored bob.

Soft Twists – Short Razor Cut Hairstyle for Fine Hair

If you have fine hair and you want to add a bit of texture and oomph in your razor cut manes, then don’t hesitate to try out the soft twists in them right now. This extraordinary hairstyle is just the right one to add a bit of volume and definition to your otherwise flat manes and make them look full of life and bounce.

To adorn your razor-cut short hairs with soft twists, first apply a liberal amount of dry shampoos, such as the SexyHair Big Dry Shampoo, all over the manes as well as the scalp. It will remove all the excess oil and buildup from the scalp and give your hair an extraordinary lift and bounce required for the styling.

After that take a few strands strand of hair from your head, and using a narrow plated flat iron twist them in a random direction. To twist the tresses, just flip the tool and hold it in place for a few seconds. And voila, you have a perfect twist in your shorty short manes.

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Repeat this flipping process in random directions until all your hair strands are twisted completely. Spray on some holding spray to keep the volume and texture intact on your precious manes for hours to come.

Curly Razor – Short Curly Razor Cut Hairstyles

Razor cuts are only for straight hairs- this is a complete misconception. You can adorn your curly manes with this comfortable haircut, and style them effortlessly too. In fact, curly razor manes are extremely chic and ups your style game by several notches instantly.

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To style your short curly manes to a “T”, first, wash your manes with a curl-defining shampoo, like this Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish Shampoo. Then treat the hairs with a curl-defining cream [we prefer the SheaMoisture Smoothie Curl Enhancing Cream] so that the curls are not only soft but also well defined. When your curls are well defined, they look bouncier and better.

After you are done washing and treating the hair strands well, dry them completely with a hair diffuser to enhance the curls by several notches. You can also wear a bejeweled band or put on a few clips in your curly razor hairs to add a bit of visual interest in them and upgrade the look greatly.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have listed and discussed more than a few amazing hairstyles for your short razor cut hairs. It doesn’t matter what type or how long/short your razored manes are, with these hairdos, you can always adorn your tresses with versatile styles and elevate your overall look by several notches.


Does cutting your hair short make you look younger or older? ›

Does short or long hair make you look younger? Long hair can enhance facial features by diverting attention away from wrinkles or age spots and adding volume to your hair. Short hair does not need to age you, though, as the style and texture of shorter hairstyles can add a youthful appearance.

Which hair cut is best for summer? ›

The best summer haircuts can be short or long, and the cut can be opted with layers, bangs, or undercut. Summer is all about feeling comfy, young, and free. Pixies and bobs are at the top of the list when thinking of a perfect chop for the hottest season.

Should you cut your hair short in the summer? ›

A short summer haircut is the best way to deal with the summer heat. Not having hair around the neck in the summer helps keep the body cool. And for those with curly hair, a short cut keeps that frizz to a controllable level.

What is the best haircut for a 60 year old woman with a square face? ›

A side-parted short bob is a flattering haircut for women over 60 with fine hair and still pairs well with a square face. It opens your face and draws attention to your cheekbones. An ideal short hairstyle is something textured to make your tresses appear fuller.

What hairstyle makes a woman look younger? ›

Sleek, straight bob

According to Thompson and Wilson, a bob is not only universally flattering but is also one of the hairstyles that make you look younger because “it softens facial features and opens up the face,” which, in turn, reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

What outfits look best with short hair? ›

Sweetheart, strapless, and off the shoulder tops and dresses look great with short hair. Wearing strapless lets the outfit flaunt your short hair, neck, and focus on the face. Large earrings, statement necklaces, and headbands can add a feminine touch and balance out your look.

Why do people cut their hair short in the summer? ›

People can lose up to 50 percent of their body heat from the top of their head. This is why it's important for everyone to wear hats and earmuffs during the winter months. But when we don't want to get overheated, having less hair can make it easier for that heat to escape the head.

What is the haircut for summer 2023? ›

2023 is officially the year of the butterfly cut—voluminous, face-framing layers that don't compromise length.

What is the most popular haircut in 2023? ›

Long, Choppy, Textured Bob

New hair who dis? "2023's biggest hair trend and most requested by my clients is the Long, Choppy Textured Bob.

What is the hair cut trend for 2023? ›

BTC's Official 2023 Haircut Trend Report: 20 Looks Clients Want. New Year, another lineup of client “hair trend terms” and micro trends. From the Rachel 2.0 to butterfly layers, contour cutting and Hailey Bieber-inspired bobs—there are a few themes among 2023's trends: Layers, fringe and framing.

How do you know if I should cut my hair really short? ›

There is no simple way to know if short hair will look – and feel – good on you. John Frieda rule (a pencil rule) tells to measure the distance between two horizontal lines: under your ear and your chin. If the distance is less than 2.25 inches (5.7 cm), short hair will most likely suit you.

What are the benefits of cutting your hair short? ›

Not only will it be easier to manage and style, but it will also require less maintenance and save you time in the morning. In addition, shorter hair is cooler in the summer and can be more versatile when it comes to styling.

How often should you cut your hair for short hair? ›

Plan on getting a haircut every four to six weeks to maintain pixie-length hair, six to eight weeks for short crops, and eight to 10 weeks for a chin-length bob, recommends Small. If you have shorter bangs, you should get them trimmed every two to four weeks, even though isn't a common practice, recommends Small.

What length hair makes you look older? ›

Mitch Stone, stylist to the stars, warns, "once hair has passes your ribs, it is officially making you look older." Trimming a few inches off your locks is an easy fix for this common hairstyle mistake, taking years off your appearance and revitalizing your look.

What is the most flattering hair length for over 50? ›

Some of the most popular medium cuts include long bobs and shags, ironed pin-straight or enhanced with waves. Bangs frame the face while enhancing youthful vibes, and layers can lighten thicker strands and create movement.

Does being short make you look younger? ›

We already know that, under the same conditions, we would be living longer than taller people. But also, we would look younger. The reality is that, having a smaller body resembles gives an impression of younger age, not to mention, looking “cuter” and in consequence appearing younger.

What are the benefits of cutting hair very short? ›

Your life will get so much easier with short hair. It's easier to manage, plus it minimises the washing, drying and styling time. That's not all; short hair requires less shampoo, conditioner and all other hair products you use, which means huge savings.


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